Hello,  we are a group happy cats and a dog  and we have a couple of wonderful personel who take good care for us and that are Els and Ben Hermsen. 
If we move a leg or give a little squeek they are all action to give what we need or want, and that's a lot of times on a single day. 
We , the Maine Coons among us believe in a good treat for our personel and that's why we give them a good support by all the things they have to do on a day, we go with them everywhere in the house and garden and while we do this we talk a lot to them and if we have the opportunity we also eat with them on the same table from the same meal , we have the impression that they enjoy it , as we told before we believe in a good bond with our personel. 
We also live with a dog who came to us as a little pup with age of 11 weeks, we teached her all the things she need for a good cat life, and surprise… she get it all!! 
Ofcourse we get a few profits out of it , when we want to go for a walk in the garden she keeps  a eye on our kids and if we are a little insecure we all go stand behind her for protection. 
If the weather is nice we can go and play into the garden wich is secured with good and high fences . 

And what The Zenith's is for us cats , we hope you all have the same, a heaven on earth !!. 

And when you visit our site you will see beautiful pictures and information about us and our kittens , we invite you to sign our guestbook. 

Enthousiast? Don't hesitate  and send us a E- Mail , this you can do by click on the button “contact”. 

We wish you a lot of fun on our site.